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City of London Settlements.

Some names selected from City of London Settlements St Botolph Aldgate 1742 to 1868 This is a very partial abstract and some of the individuals may not be Jewish. For further details on this excellent resource and information on how to purchase the CD, see If you find a name that interests you, don't forget to return to the main SynagogueScribes database of London Ashkenazi pre-1837 Jewish records (births, marriages, deaths, burials) using the search on the top right to look for matching Synagogue records

Reference Family Name First Name Year Date
1AbrahamSolomon18615 Oct 1861More
2AbrahamLyon181714 Jun 1817More
3AbrahamsMarks186023 Apr 1860More
4AbrahamsRebecca186023 Apr 1860More
5AbrahamsAnna186023 Apr 1860More
6AbrahamsSolomon18646 Jun 1864More
7AbrahamsBenjamin18654 Aug 1865More
8AbrahamsAvey181913 Nov 1819More
9AbrahamsLeon181913 Nov 1819More
10AbrahamsLeon181913 Nov 1819More
11AbrahamsReuben184229 Jan 1842More
12AbrahamsAbraham184229 Jan 1842More
13AbrahamsAbraham184229 Jan 1842More
14Abrahams (mn)Rebecca184229 Jan 1842More
15Abrahams (mn) Catherine18654 Aug 1865More
16Abrahams (mn) nee GoldsmithEsther182026 Jan 1820More
17Abrahams (mn) nee Raymas?Esther186023 Apr 1860More
18BabyJesse185618 Sep 1856More
19BabyJesse185618 Sep 1856More
20Baby (mn)Sarah185618 Sep 1856More
21BarnettHenry186119 Jul 1861More
22Barnett (mn)Rachel186119 Jul 1861More
23BenjaminHenry18629 Oct 1862More
24BenjaminColeman18629 Oct 1862More
25BenjaminMordecai182324 Oct 1823More
26BenjaminIsaac182324 Oct 1823More
27Benjamin Hannah185520 Nov 1855More
28Benjamin Benjamin185520 Nov 1855More
29Benjamin (mn)Rosetta185520 Nov 1855More
30Benjamin (mn)Martha18629 Oct 1862More
31Benjamin (mn)Mary Ann 18629 Oct 1862More
32Benjamin (mn)Sarah182324 Oct 1823More
33Benjamin (mn)Frances182324 Oct 1823More
34Bensusandavid18654 Aug 1865More
35BensusanBenjamin18654 Aug 1865More
36Bensusan (mn) nee AbrahamsFlora18654 Aug 1865More
37Bensusan (mn?) (nee Abrahams?)Flora186524 Nov 1865More
38Carpue / CargueHim Berzely18215 Sep 1821More
39Carpue / CargueRachel18215 Sep 1821More
40Carpue / CargueJohn18215 Sep 1821More
41Carpue / CargueHannah18215 Sep 1821More
42Carpue / CargueHenry18215 Sep 1821More
43Carpue / Cargue (mn)Esther 18215 Sep 1821More
44CohenAbraham18637 Aug 1863More
45CohenNancy18637 Aug 1863More
46CohenMorris18637 Aug 1863More
47CohenSamuel18637 Aug 1863More
48CohenMichael18637 Aug 1863More
49CohenHenry184211 Apr 1842More
50CohenClara184211 Apr 1842More
51Cohen (mn)Elizabeth18637 Aug 1863More
52Cohen (mn) Prev ReubensElizabeth 184211 Apr 1842More
53CollinsHenry186328 Aug 1863More
54CollinsSarah 186328 Aug 1863More
55CollinsEsther186328 Aug 1863More
56CollinsMorris186328 Aug 1863More
57CollinsJacob186328 Aug 1863More
58Collins (mn)Rosa186328 Aug 1863More
59ConnHarris186312 May 1863More
60ConnCasper186312 May 1863More
61Conn (mn)Leah186312 May 1863More
62Crabb (mn) nee JacobsSarah186415 Jun 1864More
63DaCostaDomingo18066 Nov 1806More
64DavisEleanor18173 Jan 1817More
65DavisSamuel18173 Jan 1817More
66DavisSamuel18416 May 1841More
67DavisFanny18423 May 1842More
68DavisHart18423 May 1842More
69DavisJoseph18423 May 1842More
70DavisCatherine18423 May 1842More
71DavisHyman18423 May 1842More
72DavisJane18423 May 1842More
73DavisJane184419 Mar 1844More
74DavisDavid183821 May 1838More
75DavisLiman183821 May 1838More
76Davis (mn)Ann18416 May 1841More
77Elias Samuel 18429 Aug 1842More
78Ellis Henry18287 May 1828More
79Ellis (mn)Elizabeth18287 May 1828More
80EmanuelDinah185628 Mar 1856More
81EmanuelJoel185628 Mar 1856More
82Emanuel (mn)Amelia185628 Mar 1856More
83FearonMary Ann 184019 Mar 1840More
84FearonJohn184019 Mar 1840More
85FearonLawrence184019 Mar 1840More
86Fearon (mn)Mary Ann 184019 Mar 1840More
87GarciaSarah186116 Nov 1861More
88GarciaEsther 186228 Apr 1862More
89GarciaSusanna186228 Apr 1862More
90GarciaAbraham186228 Apr 1862More
91GarciaPhilip186228 Apr 1862More
92GarciaAbraham186228 Apr 1862More
93Garcia (mn)Sarah186228 Apr 1862More
94GoldsmithRachel182026 Jan 1820More
95GoldsmithRachel Rosa 183825 May 1838More
96Goldsmith (mn)Sarah182026 Jan 1820More
97GreenSilver186419 Jan 1864More
98GreenJoseph186419 Jan 1864More
99Green (mn)Sarah186419 Jan 1864More
100HarrisJoseph18621 Mar 1862More
101HarrisSamuel18621 Mar 1862More
102HarrisJoseph18621 Mar 1862More
103HarrisSimon 18621 Mar 1862More
104HarrisJulia18621 Mar 1862More
105HarrisHenry18624 Apr 1862More
106Harris Maria186122 Feb 1861More
107Harris Samuel186122 Feb 1861More
108Harris (mn)Sarah186122 Feb 1861More
109Harris (mn)Catherine18621 Mar 1862More
110Harris (mn)Hannah18624 Apr 1862More
111Harris (mn) nee Sanders?Phoebe18621 Mar 1862More
112HartGeorge18315 Nov 1831More
113HartAaron186112 Jul 1861More
114HartHenry186112 Jul 1861More
115HartEsther186112 Jul 1861More
116HartEzekiel186112 Jul 1861More
117HartBenjamin186112 Jul 1861More
118HartSarah186112 Jul 1861More
119HartHenry186112 Jul 1861More
120Hart Hannah18168 Mar 1816More
121Hart (mn)Rachel18315 Nov 1831More
122Hart (mn)Sarah186112 Jul 1861More
123Hart (mn) nee AbrahamsSarah186112 Jul 1861More
124HyamsAlexander 18554 Dec 1855More
125HyamsLeah18554 Dec 1855More
126HyamsRosetta18554 Dec 1855More
127HyamsHyam18554 Dec 1855More
128HyamsCatherine18554 Dec 1855More
129HyamsMichael18554 Dec 1855More
130HyamsNancy18554 Dec 1855More
131HyamsJoseph18554 Dec 1855More
132Hyams (mn)Esther18554 Dec 1855More
133HymanWolf184229 Jan 1842More
134HymanHyman184229 Jan 1842More
135HymanJoel184229 Jan 1842More
136HymanMaurics184229 Jan 1842More
137Hyman (mn)Deborah Miriam 184229 Jan 1842More
138IsraelMordecai18265 Apr 1826More
139Israel (mn)Rachel18265 Apr 1826More
140JacobsPhene185911 Jan 1859More
141JacobsHenry18597 Nov 1859More
142JacobsFanny18597 Nov 1859More
143JacobsHenry18597 Nov 1859More
144JacobsRachel18615 Oct 1861More
145JacobsBarnett18615 Oct 1861More
146JacobsRalph18623 Nov 1862More
147JacobsMary186415 Jun 1864More
148JacobsJoseph186415 Jun 1864More
149JacobsHarry186415 Jun 1864More
150JacobsPhineas186415 Jun 1864More
151JacobsGodfrey186415 Jun 1864More
152JacobsRosetta186415 Jun 1864More
153JacobsSamuel181818 Apr 1818More
154JacobsJoseph182713 Jul 1827More
155JacobsHannah182713 Jul 1827More
156JacobsHannah18284 Jan 1828More
157JacobsLeon18284 Jan 1828More
158JacobsMary Ann 184127 May 1841More
159JacobsJohn184127 May 1841More
160JacobsReuben18437 Jun 1843More
161JacobsBetsy18437 Jun 1843More
162JacobsLazarus18437 Jun 1843More
163JacobsAbraham18437 Jun 1843More
164JacobsMoses18445 Mar 1844More
165JacobsJane18445 Mar 1844More
166JacobsElizabeth18445 Mar 1844More
167JacobsDavid18445 Mar 1844More
168JacobsHenry18445 Mar 1844More
169JacobsMaria18445 Mar 1844More
170JacobsIsabella18445 Mar 1844More
171Jacobs (mn)Sarah185911 Jan 1859More
172Jacobs (mn)Sophia18615 Oct 1861More
173Jacobs (mn)Frances181818 Apr 1818More
174Jacobs (mn)Mary182713 Jul 1827More
175Jacobs (mn)Fanny18437 Jun 1843More
176Jacobs (mn)Hannah18445 Mar 1844More
177Jacobs (mn) nee SimmonsSarah18597 Nov 1859More
178JasselHenry186320 Oct 1863More
179JasselAmelia186320 Oct 1863More
180JasselAnna186320 Oct 1863More
181JasselMoses186320 Oct 1863More
182Jassel (mn)Phoebe186320 Oct 1863More
183JonesAbraham176528 Dec 1765More
184JonesMary176528 Dec 1765More
185JonesJane176528 Dec 1765More
186Jones (mn)Sarah18066 Nov 1806More
187Jones?(Child)18066 Nov 1806More
188JosephLewis 186315 Jun 1863More
189JosephRachel186315 Jun 1863More
190JosephEmanuel186315 Jun 1863More
191JosephSarah186315 Jun 1863More
192JosephAnn186315 Jun 1863More
193JosephJoseph186315 Jun 1863More
194Joseph (mn)Elizabeth186315 Jun 1863More
195KagellCharles181729 Jan 1817More
196KagellCharles181729 Jan 1817More
197Kagell (mn)Ann 181729 Jan 1817More
198King Mary182617 May 1826More
199LemonEphraim186324 Nov 1863More
200LevyMary 185822 Nov 1858More
201LevySamuel185824 Nov 1858More
202LevyNathan185928 Dec 1859More
203LevySimon185928 Dec 1859More
204LevySarah185928 Dec 1859More
205LevyAaron186110 Dec 1861More
206LevyLewis 18404 Nov 1840More
207Levy (mn)Leah185824 Nov 1858More
208Levy (mn)Rachel185928 Dec 1859More
209Levy (mn)Rachel186110 Dec 1861More
210LewisJohn185628 Mar 1856More
211LewisHyam18435 Jan 1843More
212LewisSamuel18435 Jan 1843More
213Lewis (mn)Caroline 185628 Mar 1856More
214Lewis (mn)Susan18435 Jan 1843More
215Lipman (mn) nee LevyFrances185824 Nov 1858More
216MarksPhilip185829 Oct 1858More
217MarksPriscilla 185829 Oct 1858More
218MarksElizabeth185829 Oct 1858More
219MarksEsther185829 Oct 1858More
220MarksRose185829 Oct 1858More
221MarksWoolf 186027 Jan 1860More
222MarksAaron186027 Jan 1860More
223MarksJoshua186027 Jan 1860More
224MarksClara186027 Jan 1860More
225MarksHenry186027 Jan 1860More
226MarksHannah186027 Jan 1860More
227MarksWoolf 186027 Jan 1860More
228MarksElizabeth186027 Jan 1860More
229MarksHam186118 Nov 1861More
230MarksLewis 186118 Nov 1861More
231Marks (mn)Julia185829 Oct 1858More
232Marks (mn)Mary186027 Jan 1860More
233Marks (mn)Ann186118 Nov 1861More
234Michaels Samuel186110 Apr 1861More
235Michaels Raphael186110 Apr 1861More
236Michaels (mn)Rosetta186110 Apr 1861More
237MindenEmanuel186125 Oct 1861More
238Minden (mn)Sarah186125 Oct 1861More
239MitchellMichael18274 Jun 1827More
240Mitchell (mn)Elizabeth18274 Jun 1827More
241MosesJohn177620 Nov 1776More
242MosesJohn1777. 31 Jan 1777More
243MosesMary17777 Jun 1777.More
244Moses (mn)Mary177620 Nov 1776More
245MosleySarah18607 Jan 1860More
246MosleyWilliam18607 Jan 1860More
247Mosley (mn)Charlotte18607 Jan 1860More
248MossElizabeth185528 Jun 1855More
249MossSarah181515 Jul 1815More
250MossAnn184124 Aug 1841More
251MossAnn Jacoobs184124 Aug 1841More
252MossGeorge184124 Aug 1841More
253MyersHenry18085 Jan 1808More
254MyersPhoebe18085 Jan 1808More
255MyersMichael185625 Nov 1856More
256MyersIsaac185625 Nov 1856More
257MyersEsther185625 Nov 1856More
258Myers Woolf 185917 Nov 1859More
259Myers (mn)Frances18085 Jan 1808More
260Myers (mn)Rachel185625 Nov 1856More
261NathanSimon17863 Feb 1786More
262NathanPhoebe18606 Feb 1860More
263Neumagen (aka Martin)Mordecai184620 Jul 1846More
264Neumagen (aka Martin)Deborah184620 Jul 1846More
265Neumagen (aka Martin)Jeanette184620 Jul 1846More
266Neumagen (aka Martin)Louis184620 Jul 1846More
267Neumagen (aka Martin)Matilda184620 Jul 1846More
268Neumagen (mn) (aka Martin)Caroline otherwise Keliah 184620 Jul 1846More
269NoahSolomon186526 Oct 1865More
270Noah (mn)Abigail186526 Oct 1865More
271NortonRebecca18647 Mar 1864More
272PhillipsPriscilla 185918 Nov 1859More
273Plastow (mn)Esther185725 Nov 1857More
274PolackGabriel185830 Oct 1858More
275PolackMoss185830 Oct 1858More
276PolackMoses185830 Oct 1858More
277Polack (mn)Elizabeth185830 Oct 1858More
278Polack (mn)Jane185830 Oct 1858More
279PoldanMary1827Nov 1827More
280ProopsIsrael18654 Aug 1865More
281Proops (mn)Deborah18654 Aug 1865More
282RaymasDavid18601 May 1860More
283Raymas (mn)Esther18601 May 1860More
284Reubens?184211 Apr 1842More
285ReubensGrace184211 Apr 1842More
286ReubensIsaac184211 Apr 1842More
287ReubensRebecca184211 Apr 1842More
288RosenthalSarah186030 Jun 1860More
289RosenthalJudah186030 Jun 1860More
290SamplenskiIsaac18638 Dec 1863More
291SamplenskiEsther18638 Dec 1863More
292Samplenski (mn)Hannah18638 Dec 1863More
293SamuelLevi17899 Apr 1789More
294SamuelHannah178927 May 1789More
295SamuelMark185627 Nov 1856More
296SamuelRosetta185627 Nov 1856More
297SamuelSarah185627 Nov 1856More
298SamuelMoss185627 Nov 1856More
299SamuelJoseph185627 Nov 1856More
300SamuelMoses185627 Nov 1856More
301SamuelDavid18274 Apr 1827More
302Samuel (mn)Hannah17899 Apr 1789More
303Samuel (mn)Hannah185627 Nov 1856More
304Samuel (mn)Sarah185627 Nov 1856More
305SamuelsFrancis (Frances?)1859 20 Oct 1859More
306SamuelsEsther1859 20 Oct 1859More
307SandersPhoebe18621 Mar 1862More
308ShaneMiriam186125 Oct 1861More
309ShaneSarah186125 Oct 1861More
310ShaneIsaac186125 Oct 1861More
311ShaneRosina186125 Oct 1861More
312ShaneRebecca186126 Oct 1861More
313Shane (mn) nee MindenRebecca186125 Oct 1861More
314SimmonsBloomah18285 Mat 1828More
315SimmonsDavid18285 Mat 1828More
316SimmonsJeanette18285 Mat 1828More
317SimmonsAnn 18285 Mat 1828More
318SimmonsLetitia18285 Mat 1828More
319SimmonsGeorge18285 Mat 1828More
320Simmons (mn)Elizabeth18597 Nov 1859More
321SolomonSarah179119 Feb 1791More
322SolomonElizabeth18208 Aug 1820More
323Solomon (mn?)Sarah179119 Feb 1791More
324Solomon?John179119 Feb 1791More
325SolomonsRose185621 Oct 1856More
326SolomonsZodick185621 Oct 1856More
327Solomons (aka Smith)Samuel (aka John)18183 Nov 1818More
328Solomons (aka Smith) (mn)Sarah18183 Nov 1818More
329Solomons (aka Smith) (mn)Martha18183 Nov 1818More
330WelfarJacob178619 Dec 1786More
331WoodJoseph18654 Aug 1865More
332WoodAbraham18654 Aug 1865More
333WoodLawrence18654 Aug 1865More
334WoodLouisa18654 Aug 1865More
335Wood (mn) nee ProopsElizabeth18654 Aug 1865More
336Zachariah Hyam1789 Jan 1789More
337Zachariah George1789Jan 1789More
338Zachariah Elizabeth1789Jan 1789More
339Zachariah Henry1789Jan 1789More
340Zachariah Ann1789Jan 1789More
341Zachariah Sarah1789Jan 1789More
342Zachariah (mn)Elizabeth1789Jan 1789More

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