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Hull Aliens

Hull Alien registration certificates 1793 to 1815 available from Moving

Reference Family Name First Name Date
1COHEN1799 [Nov 18]More
2RAVICK1799 [Nov 25]More
3ALEXANDER1798 [Oct 10]More
4ISRAEL1798 [Oct 10]More
5LAZARUS1798 [Oct 10]More
6JOSEPH1798 [Oct 10]More
7JONES (or JONAS)1798 [Oct 10]More
8VOGEL1799 [Feb 28]More
9Van WYNGAARD (AKA WOSMAN)1799 [Jul 6]More
10LEVI1799 [16 Aug]More
11NEUSTADT1800 [Feb 27]More
12JACOBSON1800 [Feb 27]More
13HEYMAN1800 [May 10]More
14LEVY1800 [May 21]More
15LEVY1800 [May 21]More
16LEVY1800 [May 21]More
17LEVY1800 [May 21]More
18LEVY1800 [Jun 21]More
19SCHO(A)MBERGER1800 [Jul 17]More
20ALEXANDER1800 [Jul 22]More
21WARKENSTEIN1800 [Aug 2]More
22LEVY1800 [Aug 15]More
23AARONS [?]1800 [Aug 15]More
24EMANUEL1800 [Aug 20]More
25RAPPERSBERG1800 [Aug 22]More
26LANKRIAN1800 [Aug 22]More
27BECKER1800 [Sep 17]More
28SOLOMONS1806 [May 23]More
29S?1806 [May 23]More
30LEWALD1806 [May 23]More
31MEYERS1809 [Aug 14]More
32SAMUEL(S)1809 [Sep 6]More
33SAMUEL(S)1809 [Sep 6]More
34MORITZ1810 [Aug 16]More
35SAMUEL(S)1810 [Jun 26]More
36GABRIEL1810 [Aug 7]More
37WARBURG1810 [Aug 10]More
38SOLOMON1810 [Aug 16]More
39FLATOW1810 [Nov 13]More
40MOSES1810 [May 19]More
41GERSON1811 [Mar 24]More
42MYERS1814 [May 10]More
43MYERS1814 [May 10]More
44LIPMANN1814 [May 20]More
45ISAAC1815 [Jul 16]More

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