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Burial Registers (DPL)

In 1761 the Ashkenazi New Synagogue acquired a burial ground west of Ducking Pond Lane, on the boundary with Mile End, where the Great Synagogue bought the freehold in 1795. The cemetery, called successively North Street and Brady Street, was closed in 1858 and maintained throughout by Jews who occupied a house on the site.

The Ducking Pond Lane Burial transcripts contained in this database have been transcribed from one of the registers held by the University of Southampton (MS 116/107). Written in cursive Hebrew script, with little English to aid identification, the register comprises approximately 116 double pages, many of which are in very poor condition. The earliest record is dated 1776 and the last in October 1809. This is not the same register as that used by Dr. Susser in his Great Synagogue Burial transcripts, although some records appear in both registers, in particular for the year 1809. In some cases the records differ in both the amount of information contained and the amount of English. We do not know for certain which register Dr Susser was working from at the time of his untimely death, but we believe it may have been the second register catalogued under the same reference number 116/107.

We estimate that we have transcribed less than a third of the total number of records and more will be added to the database in due course. However, not all the transcribed records will be included in the database: for example, a child of Samuel b. Abraham died February 1801, or the wife of Hirsh died June 1799, are not capable of meaningful identification. We would also remind you that the transliterations have been done by "amateurs" and we make no claim to their being an authoritative version.

As we have stated on the "About Us" page, we are a database of records and, for the most part, the records are presented to you with little additional comment. However, because of the lack of the normal identifiers, we have made an exception with this particular set and, where possible, we have added a range of suggestions to aid further research. We would stress that these are only suggestions and we make no claim to their accuracy. We would also reiterate that we cannot enter into any correspondence with regard to the transliterations or the additional material. Nor can we offer any assistance with individual research.

Our sincere thanks to Michael Hill of Datapro Brighton for his valuable time and expertise in the transfer of the data from microfilm to DVD.

Burial Registers (BSGSBUR)

Over 3300 records from the period 1791-1823 with an additional 136 for the year 1832. We do not have exact details for these registers but we believe that they form part of the Southampton University holding MS 116/107 (See DPL above) When the unfinished transcripts finally reached Frank Gent they were in a highly confused state and it is thanks to his devoted work in reformatting the existing text and adding additional transcriptions, that these valuable records can be made available to researchers today.
Notes preceded by the letters "ALS" were added by the editor. All other notes were made by Dr. Susser.

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